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Why Buy?

Why should you purchase window treatments for your home?

Energy Efficiency

Some estimate you can lose up to 20-50% of your heating and cooling energy through your windows! Well, notable energy savings from your new window coverings aren’t just theoretical. Some of our shutters are even rated with insulation “R-factors.” In fact, some shutters have a much greater insulation factor than even the highest-end premium windows they cover! It’s no wonder some of these products have periodically gained tax rebates for buyers.

  • Reflect sunlight in the summer
  • Gain insulation with interior pockets on some shutters
  • Reduce conditioned air loss from the inside
  • Reduce drafts from the oustide

A Touch of Class

We needn’t sell this point with much vigor. If you’ve visited or lived in a home with high-end Blinds, Shutters or Shades, you know exactly what we mean.

  • Provides an intangible quality for your next gathering
  • Tasteful product variety allows a synergistic match with home
  • Customers say their quality of life is simply better


When shopping window coverings for style points, it’s easy to forget how much you’ll enjoy your new custom fit, “no-gaps” privacy.

Property Value

Unlike many improvements that cross the fine line between bland and “too personal to sell,” staging your home with blinds, shutters, or elegant shades can make potential buyers feel a certain level of comfort and coziness hard to achieve with other neutral upgrades. And since they’re durable, backed by warranty, and fairly timeless in design, there’s no need to wait until you’re selling. Go ahead and start enjoying them today!

  • Shutters increase official appraisal value
  • Potential to totally change a buyer’s perception and comfort

Protection from the Sun

The sun is great! In fact, easily variable window light is a valuable feature. But it’s not so great when it shines uncontrolled directly on you and your wood floors or furniture.

  • Controls UV light in your personal space
  • Prevents bleached floors while still allowing adequate light
  • Mitigates aging of furniture due to excessive UV exposure

Free In-Home Consultations

That’s right…FREE!*

While we love it when you come by our showroom, that’s not where your windows and home decor are located. That’s why we offer free in-home consultations. Let us bring the showroom to you. Not only can we bring samples of our various products but we can help you choose what is right for your environment.


*Within 25 miles from San Angelo – Small trip charge for additional miles

Our Pricing

Surprising Pricing

Customers are often shocked by the high price of so-called discount suppliers. It’s understandable, since the components, skill and experience necessary to complete the job from consultation to customized installation are in fact quite specialized and valuable. However, we consistently beat competitors of all sizes thanks to our excellent arrangements with material suppliers and efficient regional operations.

Installation Included

Unlike many of our competitors, installation is included in all of our quotes. We’re confident we can earn your business with our service, quality, and valuable consultation. But if you’re shopping only for price and find anyone coming close to ours, don’t forget to compare the total installed cost!


Earn Cash

We love it when you tell your family and friends about us – especially when it brings us business. As a way to say “Thank You!” we have a referral program that allows you to earn $25 for each customer you send our way. Here’s how it works:

  1. Tell someone interested in window coverings where they can get the best products and customer service at the best price.
  2. We provide said products and customer service and they mention your referral.
  3. You get paid!


Referral fees will be provided in the form of a VISA gift card. Customer must mention referral before purchase.

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